Miss Blacky Tribute

A tribute to an amazing cat. It's time to say goodbye to Miss Blacky. She died October 10, 2014. Miss Blacky was roughly 20 years old. She was the inspiration to 3 story screenplays;
Black Cat Moon
Saber-Toothed Cat
The Pixie Detective
These three stories are inspired by over 17 years of observing Miss Blacky’s incredible antics, among them, her ferocious defense of her kittens, even against dogs more than twice her size. In her many hunts, she stalked her victims like a large African cat, but was very friendly to humans.

Miss Blacky 1

Miss Blacky 2

Miss Blacky 3

Miss Blacky 4

Miss Blacky 5

Miss Blacky 6

Miss Blacky 7

Miss Blacky 8

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