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Violent ocean waves thrash broad rock jetties protracting out from under the boardwalk, spraying water like enormous geysers through spaces between the rocks.
A battered wooden pavilion with rod iron benches overhangs the Oceanside edge of the boardwalk.
Ocean waves relentlessly ram a four foot high creosote wall used as a sand barrier, directing immense columns of water up and over onto the city side street, flooding the road.
A grass blotted strip of sandy ground to the right of the ramp separates the creosote wall from the side entrance of a ten story red brick and block APARTMENT BUILDING.
An alley parts the two halves of the building opening into a sizable courtyard. The concrete alley and courtyard buried under beach sand and seaweed.

And the journey begins.....

Journey through the Storm

Journey through the storm is a collection of five stories in screenplay format. A story book featuring two full length stories for the movies and three short scripts written for film. This book contains over 300 page works of fiction consisting of drama, the supernatural and two children's dramas.
Young children will love the shorts, "The Pixie Detective" and "Saber-Toothed Cat". The short, "Rat's Bite" and the features, "Black Cat Moon" and "Lair of the Red Wolves" are more dramatic stories for older children and adults.

Rat's Bite: short story
Dark clouds follow a little orphan boy to a city by the ocean. There it unleashes a life threatening storm.

Black Cat Moon: feature story
A young independent spirited woman helps a stroke victim caught between the living and the dead bring his father's killer to justice with the aid of Halloween's favorite pet.

The Pixie Detective: short story
A pixie detective wanna-be finds something quite unusual about her black cat when she stumbles on an illegal operation at the abandoned shipyard next door.

Lair of The Red Wolves: feature story
Remnants of the old Soviet penal colony menace an American family sent to manage Russia's new resort hotel in Siberia.

Saber-Toothed Cat: short story
A little tom-boy's mother wants to rid the family of her daughter's beloved undomesticated cat until the mother faces the jaws of a vicious dog.

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