• Book, Rat's Bite

    Rat's Bite

    Rat's Bite: A Dramatic Story of Conflict & Hope. A short story of childhood conflict and hope at a seashore city after a major storm. This edition has over 25 full color photos of the seashore.

  • Book, Black Cat Mysteries

    Black Cat Mysteries

    Two Dramatic Stories of one Black Cat. Children will love this big 8x11 full color book, which includes full color photos on every other page, more than 40 full color pictures.

  • Book, Scenes from New Jersey

    Scenes from New Jersey

    Photo Landscapes from Southern New Jersey. Photo book of the natural realm of Southern New Jersey. Over 100 full color photos framed.

  • Book, Dark Shadow

    Dark Shadow

    Two Feature stories of the Supernatural . These are the stories that made the rounds in national and international screenplay competitions.

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