Book of Genesis - The King James Version of the Bible is the Inspired Word

Book of Genesis - The King James Version of the Bible is the Inspired Word
By John Jexon

The King James Version Bible is considered the official English translation of the Bible. It was originally printed to compete with the then popular Protestant Geneva Bible. Today the King James Bible is one of the most popularly accepted versions of the Bible.

The Book of Genesis
The Bible begins with the Book of Genesis. One of the best parts of the King James Version Bible is the story of creation in the Book of Genesis. The story is narrated in a very basic and elemental sort of way and yet it has a phenomenally grounding effect on the reader.

Other interesting narrations
The Bible Version King James has a lot of other interesting narrations as well. All of these narrations are simply put and easy to understand. The other two narrations that will probably catch the reader's attention are the anointing of Abraham and the story of the great flood where Noah is asked to build an ark to save himself and his family from the wrath of God, i.e. The Great Flood. Other narrations that are interesting too are the story of Abraham and Isaac and the story of Joseph and his jealous brothers.
How do you buy a copy of this Bible?

The Bible version King James can be bought either at a book store or at a store that specializes in selling Bibles. For those who would rather have a soft copy of the Bible so that they can carry it with them wherever they go, digital versions are also available. Both versions of the Bible can also be bought at an online book store. The digital version of the Bible is also available for download onto your mobile reader, therefore making it convenient for you to have the Bible with you wherever you go.

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